Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Tinder Games –Date #4

Date #4
The Skinny
James Caan (celebrity aliases subbed in for all; any similarity to an actual celebrity is unintentional and accidental –thanks!)
Date Spot
Walter’s Sports Bar
Happy Hour
Day of the Week
Monday, 11 July 2016
The Weather
83° (humid, but not terrifying –for a change!)
The 1st Impression
36 (I think maybe actually, but he unmatched after we agreed to meet –what the heck is that protocol about?? I don’t wanna be matched again if this doesn’t work out, dude!)
Somewhere above middling –not tall, but not short either
Mostly tight (like, middle-aged firefighter tight)
T-shirt & Jeans (BUT, I’ll give the guy a pass b/c mostly tight firefighter guy carried it off; dude looked pretty good in a tight T and jeans, let’s just say –not Calvin Klein hot, but does Bieber really look that good without airbrushing? Uh… no)
DC, MD or VA?
VA (somewhere in the dark, Dark woods)
Donkey or Elephant?
Democrat (definitely liberal –and, he didn’t pick up the check, which is turning into a reliable way to pick out the donkeys from the elephants –fascinating!)
The Pay Grades –Over, Under, or Even
On my pay grade (in the perfect age “sweet spot”)
Below (too short, but I could live with it… maybe)
Even-ish (thanks for hitting the gym, firefighter man!)
Looks –Don’t Lie; They Matter
Below (but not too far below –could be holding up better)
Place in Life a.k.a. Level of Adulthood
Below (possibly approaching Even to my pay grade, but –I have my doubts)
The Q&A
Did the presented human match the photos?
More or less
Who picked the date location?
I did
How was the conversation?
Totally vibed
Who picked up the check?
Dutch (and, once again, dude paid cash for each of his rounds –to avoid having to pick up the check?? Not sexy, guys!)
Was there a kiss?
Will there be a 2nd date?
Mayhaps (come on, a firefighter mostly in good shape… I mean, you know?)
If yes to a 2nd date, is sex on the table?
Well, this is a social experiment, so I really, Really shouldn’t (lol)
How did things end, i.e. will you be Friends, Foes, or FWB?
Friends (for now –he keeps texting, but I keep finding reasons not to meet up…)
Tuesday, 2 August 2016
Feedback: “not enough information” –excellent context-setting; but, how were the dates?
Response: valid critique –but, I am only blogging the 1st dates; follow up dates (if any) are strictly Off The Record (I mean, if I start seriously dating any of these research subjects… I’ll probably have to delete their entry lol!).
Besides, the dates have generally all been the same:
Step 1 –I show up looking amazing, no matter the weather ß this is actually true.
Step 2 –I spot the Subject and it takes all my powers of skill and imagination to not allow my immediate disappointment to show (i.e., why do the Tributes never match their photos??).
Step 3 –I’m an amazing 1st date ß I am, I really am. If they are Republican, I just smile and nod a lot. Either way, donkey or elephant, I laugh at all the jokes (even the un-funny ones and, let’s be honest, no guy is ever as funny as he wants to imagine the girl thinks he is).
Step 4 –I smile and nod, a lot.
Step 5 –I rarely over-order, mainly (a) in case it’s gonna be Dutch and/or (b) because I’m tiny and moderation is Key. The benefit for the guy –if he’s springing for the Whole Check –is that the final tab is never that much, (which makes me seriously question the bank of the boys who insist on splitting the bill –like, it’s not that much; you really can’t swing this??).
Step 6 –I speak of absolutely nothing of consequence. It’s truly amazing to me what a guy will listen to when you’re pretty and refuse to discuss the things you actually care about (e.g., politics, social injustice, world peace; etc.).
Step 7 –I don’t make a fuss over the check; and, everything ends on an upbeat (for them, hopeful) note –where bland pleasantries and empty promises are exchanged and then I dash off to a planned dinner or some such with a friend who I am 100% confident won’t dice me up for the poison fish of the Anacostia. Or, you know, whatever. (Ladies, always have post-Tinder date plans. Always.)
Step 8 –Then I review and cast my verdict… in a sort of timely fashion. Like this review of Date #4, which only took place roughly a month ago… uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh I am so behind! lol
So, should this be more of a dating journal than a date rehash? Or, should this be some sort of combination thereof?
And, how was Date #4, by the way?
Date #4 was fine. Which isn’t exactly a stellar recommendation, but time has seriously blunted my enthusiasm. If I think all the way back to early July… well, I was definitely way more into him and his blue-collar firefighter manliness then than I am now. I really thought there’d be a 2nd date, but his decision to text me only at odd hours sort of seriously blunted that enthusiasm –the enthusiasm to have a 2nd date, I mean.
And, this makes me wonder:
  • Am I such an amazing 1st date that the guys think I’m way more into them than the reality would suggest?
  • Do they think I’m so into them, I’m now all greased and ready to be their FWB or hook-up text buddy?
  • Like, they don’t need to bother with the expense and time-wasting pleasantries of a 2nd date?
Um… straight guys who might be reading this:
  • Pro-tip: make the 2nd date if you want a 3rd date to happen –and so on and so forth.
  • But, yeah: If you’re just trying to hook-up, message: Received.
  • And, Message: Rejected. lol

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