Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Tinder Games –Date #1

Date #1

The Skinny
Youssou N'Dour (celebrity aliases subbed in for all; any similarity to an actual celebrity is unintentional and accidental –thanks!)
Date Spot
The Wonderland Ballroom
Happy Hour
Day of the Week
Wednesday, 6 July 2016
The Weather
97° (in other words, gross)

The 1st Impression
Not tight (could use some time in the gym)
Office casual (but with a blazer); definitely DC Federal
DC, MD or VA?
DC (temporarily in CoHi)
Donkey or Elephant?
Unclear (suspect liberal, since he didn’t pick up the check)

The Pay Grades –Over, Under, or Even
Below my pay grade (not necessarily too old but seems it)
Below (definitely too short)
Below (I’m not a stick –I’m a curvy stick)
Looks –Don’t Lie; They Matter
Below (I’m not vain, but I am cute)
Place in Life a.k.a. Level of Adulthood
Even (possibly Above my pay grade, but uncertain)

The Q&A
Did the presented human match the photos?
More or less (photos may be a few years old; continue to be baffled by guys choosing unflattering photos)
Who picked the date location?
He did
How was the conversation?
Awkwardly okay (kind of crushed we sat at the bar, because the bartender was Cute as Hell)
Who picked up the check?
Dutch (and is this a thing, where guys pay cash as they go, to avoid picking up the check?)
Was there a kiss?
Will there be a 2nd date?
Probably not
If yes to a 2nd date, is sex on the table?
Definitely not (lol)
How did things end, i.e. will you be Friends, Foes, or FWB?
Friends (and I do mean that)


Friday, 22 July 2016

I’m writing this assessment over two weeks later –for many reasons. One being I’ve had way too many dates in two weeks (6! –with 7 up on deck… TODAY!). And two being, well, the dates haven’t been horrible (LOL!).

No, really! They’ve been… OK.

Like, not magical stars falling out the sky great, but no one has snuck off to the bathroom every 10 minutes to snort coke (and, yes, this has happened to me on a date, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day), and no one has tried to impress me by doing parkour on sidewalk curbs and failing miserably (and, yes, this happened too on an OkC date, also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, back in the day).

I’ve got a lot more horror stories where those two came from (well, actually, only about 6-9 in total, because I’m impatient and have never stuck around an app too long (like, after 3 bad dates, which –looking back –was about 100% the chances, I’d be, like, NAH, NOPE, and DELETE)), but none YET from this social experiment I’ve officially dubbed “100 Days of Swiping,” and unofficially dubbed “The Tinder Games.”

What gives??? –not that I’m complaining, per se, but it does make for a “What the heck do I write about then for this blog?!” situation.

Do I look backwards now that time has passed and he’s asked me to meet up with him twice –but I’ve been legitimately busy both times and have felt bad about it, especially when he finally threw in the towel and asked me to ping him when I was free sometime?

Do I look forwards, to after I’ve finally checked out new episodes of South Park and eaten at Buredo (two things we bonded over) and finally found time to hang out with him again –as strictly just friends, of course?

Do I even bother? The “I have enough friends already” comment has come up more than once (by others) and this statement is resoundingly true –not because I have 10,001 SUPER AMAZING FRIENDS; but because I have a small, tight circle I’m very happy with and have just the right amount of time for as my life is right now.

The only thing I’m really willing to make time for right now is a genuine relationship with a not just new friend and a not just a hook-up and a not just a random FWB (which this guy would never be anyway) –but an actual, honest to god, “we’re dating!” type thing.

I’m making enough time as it is for this random social experiment as it is and not taking it seriously –because, how can you?

But, the question has come up: What if you actually meet someone you want to date?

Good question!

Answer: I don’t know.

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